As you begin to prepare for your 2015 Tax Return filing, be aware there is another form you will need this year in addition to the W2.  The 1095 is a new tax form that includes information about your healthcare insurance coverage. Almost all employees will receive this form.  It serves as a “proof of insurance statement”, as required by the Affordable Care Act, and shows the IRS if you have been covered by insurance in 2015. You will need information provided on this form to complete your 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ tax form, similar to how you take information from your W-2 form and transfer it to your tax forms.  The 1095 form is in addition to your W-2 — it does not replace your W-2.

WSU will mail out your W-2 form mid-January, and the 1095 forms will be mailed directly to your home address by either the Health Care Authority (HCA) or your insurance provider and should arrive in late January/early February.  There may be situations where some of you receive 1095 forms from multiple sources.

Make sure your address is up-to-date in myWSU to ensure you receive your W2 and this 1095 form.

More information will be forthcoming from Human Resource Services over the next several weeks, including a website with FAQ’s.  You can also find information on the IRS website:, or consult a tax advisor.