On May 22, 2015, the majority of WSU’s employees that are benefit eligible and have a nine-month academic appointment and are returning in the fall will have multiple deductions taken from their pay checks to cover their medical and/or life insurance premiums during their summer break. The amount(s) deducted will include the current pay period deduction and the deductions that will cover the number of pay periods not paid during the break.The most common appointment is the one that ends on May 15 and does not resume again until August 16. The amount taken from the May 22 check will include the premiums for the first half of May pay period and the six following pay periods for a total of seven deductions. Therefore an employee who covers himself/herself and a spouse and children under Uniform Medical Classic will have a total of $843.50  (7 X $120.50) in medical premiums deducted from his/her check.
Multiple deductions to cover the summer break will also be made on the May 22nd check for those who have tobacco use and/or spouse insurance surcharges. Please plan accordingly.

Please contact either Shirley Cornelius at shirleyc@wsu.edu or (509) 335-5489, or Mike Olin at olin@wsu.edu or (509) 335-1278 in Payroll Services if you have any questions about how the calculations were made for the extra health, life or surcharge deductions.