Due to age and reduced resource support, following the end of spring semester, 2018, ITS plans to decommissioning WSUnix service and several related or dependent resources including:

  • wsunix – ssh and sftp
  • old-www – the legacy www.wsu.edu service from before the institution of WordPress for WSU’s web presence
  • public.wsu.edu – user-controlled web pages
  • mail.wsu.edu – legacy POP and IMAP mail service
  • mail.wsu.edu – legacy SMTP relay service (the host name “mail.wsu.edu” will be aliased to “smtp.wsu.edu”, a service which is not affected)

For further information about this project schedule and alternative resource options, please see https://its.wsu.edu/wsunix-service/

Jacqueline Southwick, ITS Communication Coordinator